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Automatic panoramic photo.

It is made easy today thanks to digital technologies.

Most modern cameras and smartphones have these programmes.

Avantages: easy to use.

Inconvenience: not generally allow any modification si it remains a basic picture.

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The panoramic photo reconstructs a panorama.

Before assembly

All photographers do not have same definition.

For Nord Ouest Photos is a photo that has a ratio of 3: 1 (three times as wide as high or 3 times taller than wide) or covering an angle greater than or equal to 150 °.

A spherical image covers 360 ° x 180 ° and have a ratio of 2: 1.

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The cylindrical picture

Before assembly

This is a photo that covers horizontally 360 °.

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The spherical picture

Before assembly

This is a photo that covers 360 ° horizontally and 180 ° vertically.

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Giga panoramic picture

Before assembly

This is a series of photos in high resolution (taken with a telephoto lens) covering a panorama, assembled end to end.

It allows allows you to zoom deeply into the view in order to discover every detail.

Advantages: an impressive zoom.

Inconvenience: tedious work. The main view of Cherbourg is made of thousands of photos to 300mm and needed 1,600 hours of assembly work and corrections.

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Matériel de prise de vue

It is performed with specialized equipment.

Here, a motorized head is used for shooting giga panoramics.

The main view has took one day of preparation and calculation.

Then three days of shooting.

A total of approximately 7000 pictures in 68 billion pixels.

A manual ball head is used for the spherical views.

These views require 27, 3 x 27 or 5 x 27 pictures if we exploitthe HDR for a sphere of 200 million pixels.

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The camera

We used a Pentax SLR camera K3 equipped with a 300mm for panning giga,

and a Nikon D300 with a 10-24mm for other views.

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The technique

The panoramic photo by assembling.

Pictures Before assembly

It is a succession of pictures covering a panorama, assembled side by side.

Shooting is performed using a camera mounted on a specialized foot.

Photos once assemblies

These photos are then assembled.

Assembly is performed by software.

Assembly is performed by software.

The common points are related

The common points are related..

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The high dynamic range (HDR)

This is a technique used in digital photo to exploit the dark areas and bright areas.

Well known problem when pictures are taken against the light.

Shooting is performed several times.

Before assembly

Once with normal exposure,

Before assembly

one underexposed (darker) to emphasise the hightlights,

Before assembly

on an exposed (brighter) to reveral the darker areas.

In some cases, still are carried over taken: normally exposed, very under-exposed, underexposed, overexposed, very overexposed.

Before assembly

After treatment by specialized software, the final image has a high dynamic performance: all zones are properly exposed.

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Treatment of ghosting

Ghosts and assembly defects are due to moving subjects.

Before assembly

Here moving vehicles have led to this vehicle "hybrid".

Before assembly

If one of two pictures contain whole subject as in this case, it is "glue together" on the panorama.

Otherwise we mask the fault.

A hundred corrections were made in the portal of the agglomeration of Cherbourg.

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The virtual tour

The virtual tour

Main view of the portal

The views are then assembled by software.

The links between the views

They are organized by group, parameterized, geotagged, directed, guided, with sound and linked.

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