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Brin de couleur

Brin de couleur, mixed hairdresser in Cherbourg.-->

Brin de couleur, mixed hairdresser in Cherbourg.

The living virtual tour is the ideal tool to present a trade, a craft, an art or a sport.

It is a North West Photos's specialty.

L'armoire à délices

L'Armoire à Délices

L'Armoire à Délices is a restaurant and a tearoom open onto a delicatessen.

Situated near Chantereyne marina, it's Sunday walk.


CDéco atelier ouvert sur une boutique de décoration

atelier CDéco The live tour welcomes you.

It links browse catalogs and videos.

Detail of a diaporama

before and after makeover slide show.

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La Manche departmental museums.

Nord Ouest Photos conducts free and local guided virtual tours for departmental museums.

mobility impaired people can visit different places from reception.

Nord Ouest Photos developed a free guided tour.

The fully automated tour moves and zooms commenting location. Visitors can stop at any time to dwell on what he wants.

It can open various documents (sounds, images, videos) and take a guided tour where it stopped.

Jacques Prévert home.

Jacques Prévert's house in Omonville la Rogue

Jacques Prévert's home in Omonville la Rogue exhibited a favorite French artists.

Jean-François Millet birthplace.

Jean-François Millet birthplace

Jean-François Millet birthplace at Greville Hague outlines and explains how painters are inspired by its work.

Azeville batteries.

Azeville batteries

Azeville batteries are part of the defense system of German army against the landing in 1944.

Catz Normandy Tank Museum.

Catz Normandy Tank Museum

Catz Normandy Tank Museumis dedicated to armored vehicles of last world war.

This virtual tour allows visitors to explore vehicles interior.

Interior tank shooting

Technical open flash is used for quality lighting.

Pictures are made by night, in total darkness.

Exposure time can be several minutes to illuminate scene by different openings.

The method avoids a bright foregrounds and dark backgrounds.

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Indiana's Camping.

Le camping Indiana à Barfleur dans la Manche

Indiana's camping is located near Barfleur marina.

Its location makes it the ideal place to discover William Conqueror's story.

Camping Utah Beach.

The campsite Utah Beach, the landing beach of Manche

is the only landing beach in La Manche.

Its a good place to practice water sports and beach games.

La montagne Camping in Sorgues.

La montagne Camping near Avignon

La montagne Camping near Avignon.

Its right in the middle of Provence, near Avignon. its a perfect campsite to Enjoy the Avignon festival.

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Farmhouse "mussel gathering" in Sainte Marie du Mont.

Farmhouse 'mussel gathering' in Sainte Marie du Mont

The holiday cottage "mussel gathering" is located in a village named Sainte Marie du Mont.

Its beach is called Utah Beach. It's the only American landing beach of La Manche department.

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Sporting events

Kayak online European Championships in Mantes La Jolie.

Kayak online European Championships in Mantes La Jolie.

kayak online European Championships at Mantes en Yvelines took place in 2014.

Several innnovations have been developed to cover this event.

The dynamic partnership L'European Canoe Association The urban community agglomération Mantes en Yvelines The French Federation of Canoë Kayak Le Centre Nationnal pour le Développement du Sport La Préfecture de la région Ile de France L'Ile de France Le Conseil Général des Yvelines Mantes La Jolie Renault J-C Decaux EDF

Dynamic partners are directly linked by their logos..

By clicking on the logos you open their websites.(hold down the Ctrl key while clicking to open it in a new tab)

the virtual tour The Group Partners space.

Cliquez ici pour découvrir les panoramas spacio-temporels

Click here to discover spatial-temporal panoramas

Cotentin Longskate.

Cotentin longskate à Cherbourg

Cotentin longskate à Cherbourg.

spatio-temporal views magnify this sport. This si another North West Photos specialty.

Cotentin longskate à Cherbourg

Another view..

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